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BV800i - 2 Tier Digital Fume Extractor (High Dust)

BV800i - 2 Tier Digital Fume Extractor (High Dust)
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BV800i - 2 Tier Digital Fume Extractor (High Dust)

The Digital Control System offers both the performance and built-in safety features to help ensure people are protected from hazardous fumes. The status of the system is shown on a clear graphic display which is simple to use and easy to read.

The Purex 800i - 2 Tier digital fume extractor is designed for high dust filtering when working with Inkjet Coding and Marking, Laser Coding & Marking, and laser engraving. It can cater for up to:

  • 9 x 38mm arms

  • 6 x Cleancabs

  • 6 x Cowls 

Voltage: The Purex 800i - 2 Tier is available in different voltages to fit any international region. Please choose the the voltage you need.


  • For tip and arm applications, choose vacuum sensing

  • For laser and machine processing, choose volume sensing


  • Automatic electronic flow control maintains a constant extraction rate even as the filter blocks

  • Speed Control (adjustable airflow)

  • Clear and informative graphic display

  • Gas sensor and particle sensor on the exhaust

  • Low capital and running costs

  • Quick change patented Labyrinth pre-filter delivers longer filter life

  • Submicronic (HEPA Filter) filtration removes 99.997% of particles down to 0.3 microns

  • Activated Carbon Filters removes harmful gas

  • Simple to install and quiet in operation

  • Easy to relocate and precision made from stainless steel

  • Optional interfacing options


  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz

  • Wattage: 2.4 (2.2) kW

  • Length: 571 mm

  • Width: 670 mm

  • Height: 1143 mm

  • Weight: 80 Kg

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