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Where laboratory research processes are prone to the release of dust, gasses, or toxic fumes, ducted fume hoods are key requirement in ensuring the health and wellbeing lab personnel.

Ducted fume hoods and cabinets from BenchVent completely remove contaminants from the working environment while providing a user friendly working space with adequate lighting, even for research rooms with poor natural light.

For assistance in choosing the right ducted cupboard for your laboratory, please contact our sales and support team on 01423 790 039.

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BV660H-D - Ducted Fume Extractor Cabinet
The BenchVent BV660H-D is our flagship hood mounted extract-to-atmosphere cabinet. It's been desi..
Ex Tax: £1,002.75
BV930H-D - Ducted LEV Unit
The BenchVent BV930H-D is a large ducted hood mounted local extraction cabinet designed specifica..
Ex Tax: £1,543.50
 BV100H-D - A1 Ducted Spray Booth
This A1 hood mounted extraction cabinet captures, filters and expels within art, graphics, design..
Ex Tax: £1,275.75

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