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For the scientific and medical industries utilising an aseptic work area is fundamental to conducting daily laboratory tasks. Laminar flow cabinets allow for the safe containment of microbiological procedures. 

Available in both vertical and horizontal versions, BenchVent laminar flow hoods are perfectly suited a range of applications where a sterile environment is required. Vertical laminar flow cabinets remove contaminants within the vicinity of the hood through small holes in base of the unit. For this reason, vertical laminar cabinets are more effective than their horizontal counterparts.

Laminar air flow cabinets operate through a process whereby In-flow laminar air drawn through multiple HEPA filters. Designed to create a particle-free working environment and provide product protection. Air is taken through a filtration system and then exhausted across the work surface as part of the laminar flows process.

All BenchVent laminar flow cabinets;

  • Offer clean air to Class 100
  • Contain pre-filters and DOP tested HEPA filters
  • Are available with low airflow alarms
  • Offer touch screen control system for full monitoring capabilities and speed control
  • Save energy via an ECO mode detects periods of inactivity

Shop to find cost effect laminar flow extraction solutions for your laboratory including medical, pharmaceutical, electronic and industrial sectors. Each unit comes complete with the BenchVent Lifetime Warranty for total peace of mind. Undecided about which laminar flow workstation is right for you? Our knowledgeable, friendly team can help you ascertain which product solution will best meet your needs and budget, speak to us now on 01423 790 039

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BV700DFW - Down Flow Workstation
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Ex Tax: £2,142.00
BV650VLFE - Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet
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Ex Tax: £995.00
BV1000HLF-T - Horizantal Laminar Flow Cabinet
BenchVent Circulaire HLF-T1000 Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet The Circulair HLF-T1000 Horizo..
Ex Tax: £3,673.33
BV1200HLF-T - Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet
BenchVent Circulaire HLF-T1200 - Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet The Circulair HLF-T1200 Hori..
Ex Tax: £4,008.00
BV1500HLF-T - Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet
Circulaire HLF-T1500 - Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet The Circulair HLF-T1500 Horizontal Lam..
Ex Tax: £4,416.00

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