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BV700DFW - Down Flow Workstation
Downflow Workstation for School Science Laboratories  The BV700DFW is our most popular d..
Ex Tax: £2,142.00
BV1000MFC Mobile Fume Cupboard
Mobile Filtrarion Fume Cupboard The BV1000-MFC is fully mobile fume cupboard which features t..
Ex Tax: £3,314.66
BV650-CIR Fume Cabinets - Filters
Inlet filters for BenchVent BV650-CIR Fume Cabinets Main Carbon and HEPA filters for BV650-CI..
Ex Tax: £0.00
BV1000HLF-T - Horizantal Laminar Flow Cabinet
BenchVent Circulaire HLF-T1000 Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet The Circulair HLF-T1000 Horizo..
Ex Tax: £3,673.33
BV900-CIR Recirculatory Filtration Cabinet
900mm Fume Cabinet for Laboratories  The BV900-CIR is our most popular horizontal r..
Ex Tax: £2,401.00
BV800-CT Fume Cupboard (Digital Display)
800mm Filtration Fume Cupboard for School Laboratories The BV800-CT is a compact fume extract..
Ex Tax: £3,580.00
BV1100-CT Digital Display Fume Cabinet
Visionaire® Touch Screen Control and Digital Display Filtration Fume Cabinet for Laboratories ..
Ex Tax: £4,402.67
BV1400-CT Fume Cupboard (Digital Display)
1400mm Filtration Fume Cupboard for School Laboratories The BV1400-CT is a large fume extract..
Ex Tax: £5,020.00
BV550-CIR Recirculatory Filtration Cabinet
Compact Fume Cabinet for School Laboratories  The BV550-CIR is our most popular ver..
Ex Tax: £1,854.66

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