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Browse official BV660H-C filters from BenchVent. High-quality particulate filters for the BV660H-C Fume Cabinet. In order to maintain your Lifetime Guarantee, filters for the BV660H-C should be replaced every 3-4 months to ensure effectiveness and limit stress on the fan and other internal components.

IFA3 – Particulate filters are designed to capture particles to approximately 5 microns (dust and pollen particles are typically 10-20microns). With a high dust holding capacity for extended life (particularly with sprays), your running costs will be reduced when using BenchVent particulate filters.

FKA3 – Filter kit that includes 3 x IFA3 and 1 x CHA3 (see above).

HEPA - If finer filtration is required a HEPA filter must be used instead of an IFA3. HEPAs are designed to capture very fine particles to approximately 0.3 microns.

PRE – BenchVent PRE filters must be used prior to a HEPA filter.

AC200 - BenchVent Activated Carbon filters remove potentially harmful gases. They offer a high level of adsorption across a wide range of organic compounds. Filters for specific gases/elements can be produced on request e.g. Acids etc.

Any questions please don’t hesitates to contact us on 01423 790039.

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Particle Filter IFA3P (Pack of 6)
Pack of 6 particle filters IFA3. For general spray and dust particle capture. For use with B..
Ex Tax: £87.00
Particle Filter EPA495
EPA particle filter HE495. Pleated EU10 particle filter for fine dusts and powders and solder fum..
Ex Tax: £109.00
Activated Carbon Filter AC200
Activated Carbon Filter AC200. High capacity activated carbon filter for gas and solvent capture...
Ex Tax: £109.00
Polyester Pre Filter PRE495 (Pack of 6)
Polyester pre particle filter PRE495. Packed in set of 6 filters. Blue and White polyester filter..
Ex Tax: £24.00
Particle Filter IFA3P3 (Pack of 3)
Pack of 3 particle filters IFA3. For general spray and dust particle capture. For use with B..
Ex Tax: £45.00

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