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Browse official BV300S filters from BenchVent. High-quality carbon, particulate filters specifically for the BV300S Spray Booth. In order to maintain your Lifetime Guarantee, filters for the BV300S should be replaced as per our recommendation as below to ensure effectiveness and limit stress on the fan and other internal components.   

IFA3 – Particulate filters are designed to capture particles to approximately 5 microns (dust and pollen particles are typically 10-20microns). With a high dust holding capacity for extended life (particularly with sprays), your running costs will be reduced when using BenchVent particulate filters. The IFA3 filters should be changed as required or every 2 months depending on use

CHA3 - Charcoal impregnated fibre filters adsorb low levels of organic solvent gases. The CHA3 should be changed every 6 months

FKA3 – Filter kit that includes 3 x IFA3 and 1 x CHA3 (see above).

HE495 - If finer filtration is required a HEPA filter must be used instead of an IFA3. HEPAs are designed to capture very fine particles to approximately 0.3 microns.The HE495 should be changed as required but at least every 6 months depending on use

PRE – BenchVent PRE filters must be used prior to a HEPA filter. 

Any question please call us on 01423 790039.

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Particle Filter IFA3P (Pack of 6)
Pack of 6 particle filters IFA3. For general spray and dust particle capture. For use with B..
Ex Tax: £87.00
Particle Filter EPA495
EPA particle filter HE495. Pleated EU10 particle filter for fine dusts and powders and solder fum..
Ex Tax: £109.00
Charcoal Impregnated Filter CHA3
Charcoal Filter CHA3. Carbon impreganated fibre filter for low level solvent odour removal. For u..
Ex Tax: £18.00
Filter Kit FKA3
Filter Kit FKA3. Contains 3 x IFA3 particulate filters and 1 x CHA3 Charcoal filter designed for ..
Ex Tax: £59.50
Polyester Pre Filter PRE495 (Pack of 6)
Polyester pre particle filter PRE495. Packed in set of 6 filters. Blue and White polyester filter..
Ex Tax: £24.00
Particle Filter IFA3P3 (Pack of 3)
Pack of 3 particle filters IFA3. For general spray and dust particle capture. For use with B..
Ex Tax: £45.00

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