What is the Best Spray Tan Extraction Booth?

One of the most common questions we are asked by spray tan technicians is “what is the best spray tan extraction booth?” This confusion is no surprise, with a marketplace offering hundreds of varying solutions for capturing the mist released from spray tanning services, how do you know which is right for your nail salon business?


When we started BenchVent (formally named Widespread Solutions) in 1984 our mission was simple; to help businesses create a safe working environment through the development of high-quality, affordable air filtration products. We spotted a rising trend in the number of salons offering spray tan treatments. Unfortunately for both the client and the technician, these early booths were little more a screen to create privacy from the rest of the salon.

Dangers of Inhaling Spray Tan Mist

The danger of the spray tanning process is that the mist has an active ingredient in it called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This interacts with your own skin’s chemistry to cause the appearance of a tan, but when inhaled, DHA can enter the lungs and eventually get into the bloodstream, with the potential to create many health problems, including cancer.

Using an airbrush system, spray tan professionals are able to distribute the fine mist evenly across the body. With any airborne substance, it is impossible to control the dispersion of the overspray and thus, the DHA is released into the local environment, is inhaled by those within the vicinity.

What Does a Spray Tan Extractor Do?

A spray tan extraction booth provides a capture and filter solution to the overspray released during the application of spray tans. Once activated, the client is able to stand on the base of the booth and receive a spray tan. Internal fans produce an inward pull that draws air, including the chemicals in the spray tanning solution, away from the breathing zone.

Here the air is forced through a system of filter media, which trap and contain the hazardous substances, including DHA before the filtered air is released back into the room, safe to breathe. Over time the build-up of chemicals in the filter require you to clean or replace to ensure that it is running at maximum efficiency.

BV1000 – The Best Tanning Booth

When approached for advice on selecting the best tanning mist booth, 9 times out of 10 we recommend the BenchVent BV1000 as the leading solution for salons requiring a permanent fixed place booth for the application of spray tans.

To fully understand the reasons that make this is the tanning extraction booth of choice, we’ll overview 5 critical features that make the BV1000 spray tan the best all-around solution for beauty salons offering spray tan treatments.

Powerful Fan & Filtration

Driven by a 120v motor, 3 powerful fans achieve a high airflow velocity, meaning the unit is able to create a suction great enough to force the contaminated air down and into the large filtration system.

An impressive high capacity three-stage graduated fibre filter enables 60 treatments to occur before cleaning or replenishing the filter. The media within the unit can filter to 5-micron particles. To put this into context, the airborne particulates from spray tanning vary between 10 to 20 microns, meaning that all of the hazardous substances are taken out of the air.

The final filtration stage absorbs any residual moisture. Through the process of filtration, absorption, and dilution, the spray technician and their clients’ exposure to airborne tanning overspray are vastly reduced and general salon cleanliness is enhanced considerably.

Ultra Quiet Operation

In order to maintain interaction with the client, it’s crucial that there is minimal disruption from using the spray tan extraction booth. At a recorded 45 decibels during operation, the BV1000 is one of the quietest spray booths with extraction capabilities. For comparison purposes, the typical domestic fridge has a noise rating of 50 decibels. With a low noise output, this enables you to maintain a high level of communication with the client, especially useful for building relationships and helping to increase customer return and retention.

Lifetime Warranty

There is currently no other manufacturer in the UK offering the same peace of mind as we do. We understand that purchasing a fixed location spray mist booth is a big investment in your business and you need to have the confidence that it can add value to your salon not just today, but for years to come. For this reason, we ensured that all our spray tan capture booths come with an unrivalled Lifetime Warranty. Simply ensure the filter replacement guidelines (as specified in your warranty booklet) are met and we will honour it against breakdown for as long as you use the product. Offering a lifetime warranty is our way of showing confidence that the product is built to last.

Stylish Design

Incorporating an elegant ‘Butterfly’ design and built using high-grade aluminium the BV1000 is just as appealing to the eye as the wallet. With a robust build and high-quality finish, the tanning booth will not rust, ensuring that you maintain the great aesthetics.

It’s also good to know that the clever corner friendly design doesn’t take up much of a footprint, 1440 x 1220mm in fact including the floormat, meaning salons low on floor space can still maintain a commitment to providing a safe environment for spray tan applications.

Easy to Use

Simple and easy to use and maintain the unit offers an intuitive design. Once positioned in place, pressing the foot switch is all it takes to commence airflow and filtration. There are zero settings to be confused by, nor any fiddly controls. After each block of 60 – 70 treatments, the filter should be replaced, a process that takes less that 60 seconds. The replacement of the filters during the stated intervals and you will benefit from maximum levels of tan mist extraction. A fortnightly wipe using a damp cloth is the final maintenance step we recommend to keep your unit looking as good as new.

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