BenchVent Stacks up for School Laboratories

Picture this, you have been knocked over by the pungent odour left lingering in the Science lab. Year twelve have been using organic chemicals and the stench just doesn’t seem to dissipate. Apart from the disruption to your class caused by the odoriferous concoction, you are quite concerned about the safety of staff and students.

Large Hood Mounted Extraction Cabinet for School Science and Arts Laboratory

Large Hood Mounted Extraction Cabinet for School Science and Arts Laboratory


This can be a common occurrence in educational laboratories. Poor quality extraction systems commonly fall short when it comes to carrying away all those nasty fumes. If you are considering purchasing a new fume cupboard for your school laboratory, or for any other educational application, the goal is to have an effectual, low cost and easy to operate the system.

You have probably also been pondering the merits of both ducted and ductless systems in relation to achieving this target. There is obviously quite a lot to weigh-up when making this decision.

Many School laboratories employ a large ducted extraction system. For the chemicals and experiments undertaken, it is an excellent option. However, these units literally take up an entire wall and when in operation, can sound like a cosmic vacuum cleaner. For educational contexts, too big, too cumbersome, too noisy and too expensive.

On the other hand, we have the smaller, more modest ducted laboratory fume cupboard. A much more space efficient option, however, the internal parts and ducting deteriorated rapidly. The relentless repairs can quickly eat a hole into the School’s tightening budget.

Ducted or Ductless – Finding the Right Solution for Your Laboratory

BenchVent has a fantastic range of compact, high-quality ductless fume cupboards that are perfect for the school laboratory. They are amazingly energy efficient and cost effective.
OK, so some will say that ductless fume cupboards have limited applications because they can only deal with a small range and volume of chemicals.

In terms of range of chemicals, the BenchVent© BV1000MFC Education Mobile Fume Cupboard is proven to efficiently protect staff and students from all fumes and hazardous substances associated with GCSE and A Level curriculum chemicals.

As far as throughput volume, you are probably thinking, “How often will I need to change the filters?”. Given the high holding capacity of BenchVent filters, they only need to be changed every six months. Filters are reasonably priced and BenchVent can provide the required LEV Testing.

The other thing we hear is that the upfront costs of a ducted system are much more reasonable than its ductless counterpart. However, by the time you add up duct work, exhaust fans, other mechanical systems and possible on-the-hop engineering, a ducted system can be quite costly.


On the other hand, The BenchVent BV900-CIR Recirculatory Fume and Particle Filtration Cabinet, for example, is a reasonably priced educational purpose unit that is a piece of cake to install and maintain. Place it onto a desk, bench or trolley and then simply plug in and switch on.

From the Science lab to design and technology; from electronics to art, BenchVent have an impressive range of ductless fume extraction units that are perfect for educational contexts. Unlike bulky and cumbersome systems, they are quiet, compact, movable and totally effortless. In addition, they are robust and made to go the distance.

Having BenchVent in your school promises an effectual, lost cost and easy to operate option for eliminating knock-out odours or persistent chemical smells lingering after any Science class.