5 Top Tips to Keeping Your Spray Tan Area Clean

The last thing that a spray technician wants to do after carrying out client work all day is having to reach for the soapy water bucket and scrub down the tanning zone. Many salon owners are unaware how much of a difference that using an extraction booth can have on minimising mess to keep the spray tan application area clean.


Here’re our top 5 tips for creating a tanning area in your home or beauty salon you can be proud of, helping you spend less time cleaning and more time on your business.

1. Perform spray tans over a hard floor

Paint and carpets do not mix. Fact. We recommend that the floor of your spray tanning area is a wooden/laminate flooring, or tiles that can be easily wiped. Even if you keep overspray to a minimum, there is zero chance that any specks of solution find their way onto the floor.

Unlike carpets and fabric based flooring, with hard floors you’re able to quickly wipe the surface and remove the sticky residue before it causes trouble.

2. Use baby wipes & towels to dry the client’s feet

At the end of the spray wipe their feet with a baby wipe before asking them to stand on a clean towel. Encourage a wiggle foot motion to clean inside of the toes. In doing so you eradicate any chance of tanning residue finding its way onto the floor as they walk away to get dressed. This also guards against picking up the residue on your own feet or shoes and taking it into other areas of the salon that could be carpeted.

3. Carry out the spray tan in front of a spray tan extraction booth

A spray tan booth is more than just a structure for keeping the breathing air clean, the powerful filtration acts as a trap that captures the vast amount of overspray mist produced from the airbrush. Simply put, a spray tan booth with extractor is your number one weapon for stopping spray tan solution reaching the walls and floor of your tanning area.

Simple to maintain, the high capacity filters within the unit are replaced after treatment intervals and the surfaces of the tanning booth can be wiped down daily with relative ease. What’s more, many booths, including our BV1000 have a base that the client can stand upon to provide additional protection to the floor.

View our range of professional spray tan extraction booths here.

4. Tile the walls of the tanning room


Unless you’ve got a high-quality paint finish that enables regular wiping without discolouration, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to keep the walls clean without tiling. Relatively inexpensive to fit, the tiling can be washed with a mild bleached for an unbeatable clean finish.

5. Know your spray airbrush


As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. What also helps in the pursuit of perfection is proper training on the equipment you purchase. Using too much solution, the wrong spray settings or simply being too far away from the client will create unnecessary overspray and mess in your tanning area.

Knowing your way around the spray tan guns settings will save you more than a few cleaning jobs too, it will also help you to maximise the value you get out of each canister of spray tan solution, allowing you to do more tans per bottle than ever before.

Hopefully, you will have found our top 5 tips useful in keeping the mess in your spray tan area to an absolute minimum. Got something to add? Simply leave a comment below with your ideas for keeping a clean spray salon. If you need any help with starting your spray tanning business, contact our team to discuss what products are right for you today.