BV300S-D Spray Trap Video Review by Flory Models

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As a leading voice within the industry, you can view Phil Flory’s thoughts and opinions on the BV300S-D spray booth in this in-depth review.

Flory Models Video Review of the BV300S-D

Video Transcription

Introduction & Showcase

Hello and welcome to Flory Models kit review time. Today we’ve got something a little bit different, actually what we’ve got down here is an extractor or a spray booth. If you guys have been following me now for the best part of 17 years, the one right behind me and it is exactly the same as the one I’ve been using now solidly for the last nine years with no problems at all. This is the BenchVent version, but the same as the one by Graphic Air. This thing is solid metal construction right away around it, as you can see, is absolutely fantastic, you’ve got the hose with it as well and it is quite heavy. It has a solid look and you can tape nice painting on the back. It is tape painted on the back as well so you can pop into a corner which is a nice touch. And because the air hose comes out at the top you can actually have this then out of the way so you can put it flush up too against the wall. To be honest, that’s what I do behind me and we’re installing the second one in a minute into that, as you can see. It is actually quite a simple setup at the end of the day, what you will actually do is fold the little handles back here and there is an earthing strap now fixed to these which there wasn’t before. You can take this off and here you have your filters.


Ease of which the filter casing can be attached to the BV300S-D

Now, your filters, these aren’t sheets, they are like £12 – £15. They are very expensive. It’s a hugely powerful piece of kit and to put this into perspective the fan will actually do 5,160 litres per minute, so it is no sludge, at the end of the day, that is a 5.16 cubic meters of air a minute. Again, it’s this great thing, it is getting all of those nasty particles when you’re spraying straight into here, into this box, draws it up, puts it in, straight out the hose to keep your environment clean. It is not trying to filter anything, it is not trying to do anything clever, it is just taking the particles outside away from your breathing zone. You also get the power lead down in here which is standard cathode type, three pin plug that goes on the side and everything else like that.

Pricing & Suitability

There’s not much to it but this thing just oozes quality. Now price, okay, it’s not cheap, there is a lot cheaper out there. You can spend if you wanted to, you know, anything from £60 pounds up to this guy which is going to set you around about £280. Then you’ve got your delivery on top. It’s quite heavy but this thing does come with a lifetime guarantee, everything, apart from the filter, obviously, but the rest of it is under complete warranty. And this is one of those things where, you know, many a time I’ll review a product and something else like that and then, you know, it might break later on down the line. I can honestly say this one over here I have been running for almost 10 years solidly every day and it runs 3, 4 hours a day. Sometimes I just leave it running in this environment. I’ll do some spraying, I’ll leave the room, it might be running a few hours later it just keeps going. It is absolutely fantastic.


Positioning of the extraction hose on the BV300S-D

From the noise point of view this one, they’re not too bad either from a noise point of view they work extremely well. So from my point of view is one of these things where like an airbrush, like a compressor they are about three. When people say to me about airbrushing field, what you need to start, how much do I need to spend, you know, the rest of it, yes you can start cheap and work your way up and when you know that it’s something perhaps you’re going to then spend a lot of time in then you’re going to go for something like this. I wouldn’t recommend, popping out and buying this if you’re just thinking about buying an airbrush because it is a lot of money. But if you are a guy who does a lot of airbrushing, you’ve got one of the smaller little Chinese, you know, cheap sort of spray booths and you’re thinking you want something to take you to that next level this is definitely where you want to be. It is the top end but again, it just lasts and it goes on absolutely forever.


Now if you’re a person, perhaps a graphic artist, things like that and you would like to be leaning down and spraying, this is where you want to be. You can put your material onto this mesh, and that’s what’s nice about it, it will sit here and when you’re airbrushing everything will go down. So perhaps you want to be in that situation where, you know, instead of actually even spraying directly at a model, and you’re going to be spraying more downwards, then you can actually have it like this, so if you wanted to you could then set it up on your system, have it in a downward location and you’ll be absolutely fine. But of course, you could do lots of different variations on that as well. So if you’re not using this round if you wanted to and because of its angle, you can actually angle this guy, which is something I was thinking of doing, that this angle just like this. We’ve still got access to the on/off switch down under here or you can have it on top and that way you can still undo everything and have it. So if you’re spraying like this all the time perhaps you actually wanted this angle or if you want to take you can just have it like I will in the vertical up here. But this is just one of those different types of reviews I can honestly say I’ve had my money’s worth out of it.


Positioning of the BV300S-D when spraying from above

Yes, it is a lot of money. Members, you are going to get 10 percent discount on everything over at Graphic Air and Bench Vent anyway. Okay, the discount code will be up in the usual place on the actual main site in the member’s only area. Okay, but this is just one of those ones, it’s very expensive and I know a lot of you are going to be going out here £275-£280? Delivery is not cheap but honestly, I can put my hand on my heart and say this is one of those pieces of equipment which I bought, I’ve used, it’s been dragged around to all my various homes and shows that used to go to with me as well and it just works. It just goes in, its hands on, and it runs. Mine has been running now solidly for almost 10 years and it’s absolutely still as good as the day I bought it. So when you are thinking about it I’m expecting it to go a few more years yet as well when you are putting in that cost of a yearly cycle of costing to into 10 years then actually it just costing me peanuts to run it all the time, okay? Again, filters can be a bit pricey but there’s a little way around that which we have shown a lot of times here before on Flory Models but again these are very nice ones. They are good, they draw all those particles, they will stop all the smaller particles going into the fan area but it is a sealed fan as well. Okay, so it is used to having nasty chemicals, flammable items going through that fan system and then it puts it out just through the hose, which comes supplied as well which is another really nice touch. So there we go, that is the BenchVent BV300S-D. the same as the A300 SD as you will see on Graphic Air and they’re both an absolutely fantastic solid bit kit.

In a Nutshell

To watch the full video review you will need around 15 minutes of your time. To get a quick indication of the points raised by Phil in his product eval

What Phil Liked

  • He’s used this product almost daily for 9 years
  • Very good build quality
  • Simple design, easy to set-up and use
  • Can be relocated with relative ease
  • Strong airflow, does the job it is intended for
  • Recommended for dedicated hobby enthusiasts
  • Much higher quality than Chinese products

What Phil Disliked

  • Very pricey at £280 plus delivery costs
  • Not recommended for beginners due to the financial outlay
  • Filters are expensive

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Phil for his time and effort that went in to producing a full lenght, in-depth review of the BV300S-D. If you have any questions about what you’ve seen in the video then please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01423 790039 or send us a message online and we will get straight back to you.