BV300S-D Demonstration Review & Unboxing Video

We have just come across a rather brilliant review of our popular BV300S-D Spray Booth by YouTuber Squidgy Bidge of Apocalypse Gaming.

Continue to discover his thoughts on the BV300S-D spray booth during the product test.

Watch the Full Review

Review Overview

Bidge introduces the BV300S-D as a replacement for his previous ‘not so good’ booth. Looking at the specification, his last booth had an airflow of 180m2/hour compared to the 355m2/hour that the BV300S-D benefits from.

An overview of the unboxing process highlights how the unit is packaged safely and securely. Before setting the unit up he shows how in most cases the spray both will be utilised upright, but in the instance of creating A3 artwork the trap will also perform in a reclined position.

A quick demonstration of the fan shows the power of the airflow as the hose tightens under the pressure. Scroll down to see specific snapshots of the video demonstrating the airflow capabilities of the unit.

Once up and running the he performs a spray test of multiple figurine models. The feedback from this test was positive, indicating that the BV300S-D effectively controlled the dispersement of paint spray. During the test he mentioned although there was slight smells of paint, these were infrequent and didn’t cause any issues, even during the 1 hour long test.

To give model makers an insight into the usefulness of the BV300S-D, Bidge explains the ‘nose blow test’. Usually, without the use of a mask (or effective spray trap) small particles of dried paint will end up in the nasal cavity, which become visible after blowing your nose. Without the use of a face mask, after using the BV300S-D he found there to be zero specs of paint. Gross, but very helpful!

BV300S-D Airflow Demonstrations

Click to see what happens when a tissue is placed directly in front of the booth.

Click to see what happens to the fumes on an incense stick. As highlighted, even the strong odours released from this cannot be detected elsewhere in the room thanks to the suction force of the fan and the effectiveness of the filter.

Review Summary

  • Decent build quality
  • The hood fits nice and securely to the unit (via velcro)
  • Strong airflow at 60db noise level
  • Removes odours from the source
  • Enables you to spray without a mask
  • The 2m hose wasn’t long enough for his requirements
  • Using products from Screwfix he was able to effectively extend the ventilation hose throughout the window
  • Very impressive mid-range product
  • Feedback

    Its always great to hear feedback from our customers. Bidge makes a great point that if the corrugated plastic hood was transparent the extra light in the spraying zone would offset the need for utilising additional light. This is definitely something our team are going to consider for future developments, thanks!

    In the words of Bidge, stay safe in your hobby guys.

    >>View the BV300S-D product page