BenchVent – Built to Last

We’re often asked what makes BenchVent products stand out in a market filled with cheaper imports from Eastern markets.

In a recent blog post we looked at whether or not imported fume extraction products up to the job. Analysis showed that our like for like solutions not only offered a greater level of performance, they are also built to last considerably longer.


Blast from the past – the GraphicAir 200H spray trap

Repairing a Unit Sold in 1998

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. This week we took delivery of unit that was produced all the way back in 1998. The customer has been using it on a weekly basis for close to 19 years!

The reason for the return was for a simple wiring repair, which we have completed and since returned to the happy owner. Because of our unrivalled lifetime warranty it meant that this customer didn’t have to pay to have their extraction fan returned to its original health – not bad 18 years down the line!


This unit was first tested back in 1998.

Fans and Motors Built to Last

One of the most impressive aspects was to see that the fan and its motor are the exact same ones that left the Widespread Solutions (as we were previously known) building back in 1998. Durable and robust components are at the heart of all our products, giving them the edge over many other leading names.

Original components from 1998

BenchVent Lifetime Warranty

Here at BenchVent we believe the best way to show confidence in the quality of our products is to provide a warranty that will last for the usable life of the product. Our Lifetime Warranty is our commitment to guarantee any BenchVent manufactured product for as long as you own it. All we ask is that a few simple guidelines are adhered to, such as filter replacement intervals and only genuine BenchVent consumables are utilised.

Established in 1984, we offer complete peace of mind and total filtration solutions for your businesses. As a preferred partner for businesses across the world with regional distributors in the US and Australia. Contact our team today on 01423 790 039 or send us a message online to discover what makes us the perfect partner for your business.