Are Imported Fume Extraction Units up to the Job?

Each year more and more Chinese air filtration and particulate extraction products are finding their way into UK workplaces. It’s not hard to see why, with attractive pricing making it a seemingly viable option for businesses to reduce costs on their Health & Safety.

To the untrained eye, the units and their capacity to provide clean air solutions are equivalent to those achieved in a UK made product. The reality is that although the products may look very similar, the internal construction and overall quality that goes into them is significantly less which can place a number of consequences on the business using them.

In this post, we’ll examine some of the reasons that might make importing a Chinese spray booth, fume cabinet or any other form of the filtration device, unviable for your business.

5 Reasons to be Wary of Imported Units

We got a hold of several Chinese imported fume extraction products to examine and identify the areas in which these units could fall short of the standards demanded in the UK. Our investigations highlighted the following concerns;

Poor electrical wiring and sealing

It didn’t take much investigatory work to see that the electrical wiring was not up to scratch. Loose, visible cables are at risk of damage and early replacement.

Low-quality components

Whilst these have no great bearing on short-term use, it is only when the unit is in demand day after day, week after week in a variety of room temperature conditions that we see the drop off between cheaper componentry.

Fans without guarantees

The supplier we dealt with to bring these products into the UK offered us no guarantee on the length of time the fans would be operational for, nor give us any warranty whereby they would replace then should they fail. The fan plays the biggest role in maintaining the airflow, so any damaged or drop-off in fan speed will have a detrimental impact on the unit’s ability to force the contaminated air through the filter.

Low airflow around the filter

The Chinese version we tested had a reading of 0.2m/s directly in front of the fan and 0.1m/s at the edges. Ideally, the filters will be clamped into place. This ensures that there can be no bypass of contaminated air around the filters.

Poor quality filter sheets

The filters we were sent were extremely thin. In almost all cases this means the lifespan is rather short, presenting greater expense in the running costs of operating the unit.

Product Lifespan Comparison

As the saying goes; buy cheap, buy twice. Or in the case of fume extraction equipment, the repurchase could well be in the multiples should the quality of the unit be substandard.

The table below highlights the true annual cost of the fume extraction units. Although a higher initial outlay, a much more impressive lifespan ensures the investment you make in BenchVent products heavily reduces your need to replace anytime soon.

Industry Unit Price Average Lifespan Annual Costs
Office Purification Chinese £400 4 £100
BV3010 £1,194 20 £57.90
Solder Extractor Chinese £150 3 £50
BV200-A £498.95 20 £24.95
Laboratory Cabinet Chinese £600 5 £120
BV660H-D £1,203.30 20 £60.17
Manicure Desks Chinese £200 3 £66.66
BV3000 £838.80 20 £41.96

Why Choose BenchVent?

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