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Visionaire By Monmouth

Visionaire® Touch Screen Control System with automatic ECO operation


Visionaire Control PanelAll new Monmouth Circulaire CT range cabinets are fitted with the very latest in touch screen technology, the Visionaire®. The full colour screen measures 4.3” (11cm) across and has over 130,000 pixels.

The Visionaire® control system has been designed and manufactured in the UK by Monmouth specifically for their range of laboratory cabinets.

The system provides probably the easiest to use and understand fume cabinet control system in the world and makes the Monmouth Circulaire CT range one of the most advanced cabinets of its type.

The new Visionaire® system offers some of the following functions in its design:

     + Automatic ECO mode* lowers fan speed and switches off lights if cabinet is left unused
     + Welcome screen
     + Filter application compatibility check
     + Audible* & highly visual alarm system
     + Visual display of airflow speed in m/sec or ft/min
     + Easily identifiable warning messages
     + Automatic filter type, part number, serial number and date change recognition
     + Hydrocarbon sensor and easily readable graph to warn of filter saturation
     + Reduced fan speed operation - for sensitive applications
     + Full information screen with next service date, last service date, hours run total and since last service,
            cabinet serial number, date of commissioning current time and date
     + PIN number access to Engineer & Supervisor settings
     + Full list of available filter types AND suitable applications
     + Fan running indicator

* These items can be deactivated via the Supervisor settings screen if required/prefered hvkvk

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