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BV3011-C ChemKleen Air Purifier

BV3011-C ChemKleen Air Purifier
BV3011-C ChemKleen Air Purifier BV3011-C ChemKleen Air Purifier
Brand: BenchVent
Product Code: BV3011-C
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BV3011-C ChemKleen Air Purifier

The BV3011-C ChemKleen Air Purifier is designed to filter chemicals from the whole room.

Stand the unit in the room and within a few minutes this free standing unit will remove chemical odours returning cleaned air back into the room. Suitable for use in environments where chemical fumes need to be effectively removed but localised extraction is not possible or cost effective. It's ideal for use in Beauty Salons, Laboratories, Hospitals, Mixing rooms, workshops, Schools Colleges and Universities. 

The BV3011-C ChemKleen Air Purifier has a large surface area filters with the capacity to retain the contaminants without compromising performance. It recirculate the air flow from the bottom of the purifier to engage higher air velocity at lower noise levels. It draws the air into the filters from two directions, so it cleans two areas at once and purifies air efficiently. Its 360° air circulation allows it to reach every area of the room.

The BV3011-C ChemKleen Air Purifier is Environmentally friendly, uses similar or less energy than a light bulb, and don't create noise pollution. The standard setting produces 22 dßa, less noise than a whisper which is 30dßa!

Easy to use

Just plug in and go. Nothing to monitor. Nothing to set. It will immediately clean the air consistently on the setting you choose.

General Specification
Dimensions WxHxD 329x703x338 Wieght: 35kgs
Technical Specification
Air Volume at Free Air Up to 433m3/hr
Fan Motor Spec 240V 50Hz - 55W max
Filters 2 x Activated Carbon Filters. Pre Filter
Noise Level LAeq dB(A) 16-55db(A)

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