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Shop high-quality Spray Tan Extraction Booths at affordable prices from the UK experts in spray tan safety.

BenchVent spray tan extraction booths and traps are proven to effectively capture the overspray of tanning mist. Powerful suction airflow directs the mist away from the client and technician, forcing it through a series of efficient HEPA filters before being returned to the salon as breathable air.

Our range of UK manufactured spray tan mist booths and fans caters for salon and mobile based spray tan technicians. BV500 and BV600 spray tan traps offer a complete mobile spray tan extraction solution, whereas our flagship BV1000 model offers the complete freestanding spray tan application booth.

Each of our spray tan booths with fan is protected by our incredible Lifetime Warranty, offering complete peace of mind in your investment. For help and buying advice please contact our helpful support team today on 01423 790 039. Prefer to contact us via email? Simply submit our contact form for a guaranteed response within 24-hours. 

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BV500 - Tanning Mist Filtration Cabinet
The BenchVent BV500, a standard, mobile and portable Tanning Mist Filtration Cabinet that vastly ..
Ex Tax: £293.50
BenchVent BV600
The BenchVent BV600 is a tanning mist filtration cabinet that vastly reduce overspray and particl..
Ex Tax: £376.50
BenchVent BV1000
The BV1000 Salon Tanning Mist Filtration Booth from BenchVent designed to ensure beauty salons an..
Ex Tax: £1,175.00
BenchVent BV2000
The BV2000 Spray Tanning Mist Overspray Filtration Booth from BenchVent. Our unique design ensure..
Ex Tax: £1,450.00
BV3010 - CITY M Office Air-Purifier
The CITY M  Indoor and Office Air Purifier is designed to filter particles of dust..
Ex Tax: £1,750.00

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