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Central Hair Salon Extraction Systems

Central Hair Salon Extraction Systems
Central Hair Salon Extraction Systems Central Hair Salon Extraction Systems Central Hair Salon Extraction Systems
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Central Hair Salon Extraction Systems

Your Requirements

The removal of potentially harmful odours and particles from with the Hair Salon.

We can supply low energy systems that effectively extract the range of particulates and odours resulting from hair treatments, including;

  • Odours found in glues used in the application of hair extensions
  • Chemicals found in hair dyes and colouring agents
  • Fumes released in hair sprays
  • Fine hair clippings

Prolonged exposure to the above can cause headaches, breathing difficulties, nausea and skin difficulties to name just a few, representing the need for adequate air filtration systems.

The Solution

We use a range of digital extraction units that filter the air through large labyrinth particle filters and carbon filters and returns the cleaning air back into the room with minimal loss of air temperature.

The arms are descreetly mounted to the roof or walls via brackets and are easily moved into postion over the clients head or neatly moved out of the way when not in use.. With a flexible and user friendly design, they’re manipulated into position over the client by the student prior to commencing the treatment.

Benefits of Flexible Above Head Ventiliation

Benefits of this form high level ventilation include;

  • Clear vision maintained through use of transparent hood
  • Innovative arm offers incredible positioning capabilities
  • Above head location allows for maximum collection of the upward moving particulates
  • Digitally controlled with both particle and carbon filtering
  • Hides tidy when not in use

Protect your Students and Clients

Does your school or college offer hair and beauty training courses? If so, get in touch with us today for completely free advice on how our cost effective air extraction solutions can benefit your learning environments.

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