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BV700DFW - Down Flow Workstation

BV700DFW - Down Flow Workstation
Brand: Monmouth Scientific
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BV700DFW - Down Flow Workstation

Downflow Workstation for School Science Laboratories 

The BV700DFW is our most popular downflow workstation for laboratories thanks to its high performance and affordable price. This unit provide a robust fume extraction solution for students, offering a wide open face area for unhindered operation, making it perfect for the classroom environment. 

How Does the BV700DFW Operate?

Place onto a desk, bench or trolley and then simply plug in and switch on. This compact unit allows for incredibly simple operation and takes up minimal worktop space thanks to its compact 700mm width

Once operational, the strong downward airflow forces fumes, smoke, odours and associated particulates down through the base of the unit. Using highly efficient filtration, the hazardous substances are completely removed before being released back as clean, safe to breathe air.

What can the BV700DFW Science Laboratory Extraction System be used for?

These units are designed predominantly for science laboratory and science classroom cleanliness and for immediate operator protection from concentrations of airborne contaminants.

If you’re uncertain this is the correct solution for your laboratory requirements please contact BenchVent for advice on the choice of machine for any given situation.

Key Features;

  • Large unhindered work area
  • Excellent illumination of the working area
  • Fume containment with a range of large capacity (11kg in W700) carbon filters or particulate containment with HEPA filter
  • Low airflow monitoring with visual alarm system
  • Easy change pre-filters
  • Deep stainless steel removable spillage tray for easy cleaning
  • Acoustic damping to ensure near silent running
  • Robust construction with corrosion protection
  • Large area to the rear of the working area provides for the storage of chemicals
  • Compact design allows the unit to be installed virtually anywhere

BV700DFW in a School Science Laboratory

Due to its numerous advantages, the BV700DFW is often purchased by School Science Departments as a station for fume control. The innovative design provides a none disruptive workstation environment for science classroom experiments. Simple to use and incredibly easy to clean, the BV700DFW ticks all the boxes fo the GCSE and A Level Curriculum. 

Filter Information for the BV700DFW

With a wide choice of activated carbon and HEPA filter types available, BenchVent Downflow Workstations are suitable for many different laboratory, industrial and forensic applications. If you're not sure which filters you require for your applications, please contact our support team who will be more than happy to help. 

Warranty Information

This cabinet is covered by a superb industry-leading 5-year warranty. This warranty includes parts (not consumables), labour and where applicable, covers repair at your (UK mainland) premises.

General Specification
Dimensions External: 700mmx600mmx820mm (WxDxH) Internal Work Area: 680mm W x 530mm D
Description Fan Motor - Epoxy Powder Coated Zintec Stainless with 316 stainless steel resistant work surface tray - Corrosion protected -Easy Change Pre Filters - HEPA filtration (if fitted) - 11kgs Carbon filter (if fitted) treated for specific applications - Illuminated Work area - sealed electronics isolated from air-stream - visual low airflow alarm
Technical Specification
Fan Motor Spec 240v 50hz - 200W or 110 60Hz - 400W
Filters Main Filters - 11Kgs Treated Activated Carbon - or HEPA Particle Filter - Electrostatic Pre Filters
Noise Level LAeq dB(A) 57db(A) approx

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