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BV550-CIR Fume Cabinet - Filters

BV550-CIR Fume Cabinet - Filters
Product Code: BV550-CIR Fume Cabinet -Filter
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Outlet Filters :

* Main Carbon Filter Type:

BV550-CIR Fume Cabinet - Filters

Replacement filters  for BenchVent BV550-CIR Fume Cabinets

Main inlet filters: Carbon and HEPA filters for BV550-CIR. 

HEPA filter is a HIgh Efficiency Particulate Filter which has a 99.997% efiiciency for particle sizes to 0.3 micron

Choose chemical that the carbon filter is required to remove so as to ensure effectivenss of the filter.

MCH filters are a mix of upto 4 types. You must specify chemicals on ordering.

Oultet Filters - where fitted - They are used where extra safety is required. This should be the same as the Main filter with the exception of the HEPA outlet filter which can be specified for the removal of particulates. This can be used with any carbon filter.


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