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Office Environment

Office Environment

Browse our range of Office Air Purification units and Clean Office Air Systems. 

Air quality within the office environment is directly linked to absenteeism and productivity. Staff colds and associated airborne illnesses spread at lightening pace across the workforce, potentially costing businesses £1,000’s in loss of income and productivity.

Here at BenchVent we supply high quality office air purification solutions for businesses of all sizes. These modern units are a powerful and proven way of reducing the spread of infection by ensuring the air you breathe is both clean and healthy. 

Poor air circulation is common in offices, particularly the large open floor spaces in calls centres. With no natural movement of air, stuffy offices harbour germs and bacteria that have nowhere to escape. Using highly effective HEPA air filters, airborne allergens such as viruses, fungi and mould, along with many other health impacting particles are safely and efficiently removed from the local environment.

Working with office managers we’re able to identify the air purification solutions will best their requirements. Give our helpful team a call on 01423 790 039 or send us a message online to find out how we can improve staff health and boost productivity in your business.

Browse our range office air purification units below. Fast UK and international shipping. 

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BV3010 - CITY M Office Air-Purifier
The CITY M  Indoor and Office Air Purifier is designed to filter particles of dust..
Ex Tax: £950.00
BenchVent BV3011-C BenchVent ChemKleen
The BV3011-C ChemKleen Air Purifier is designed to filter chemicals from the whole room. Stan..
Ex Tax: £1,665.82

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