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Art & Graphics

Art & Graphics

Portable Fume Extractors, Portable Spray Booths, Desktop Glue Booths and Hood Mounted Benchtop Extraction Cabinets from BenchVent

Anyone working within a graphics, or art environment either at work or at home has the potential to be exposed to harmful substances when spraying aerosols.

Recommended by 3M, BenchVent cabinets are a must when applying aerosol adhesives, paints, lacquers, varnishes etc in busy graphics studios, art rooms, conservation and restoration or photography studios. Our spray cabinetsThey are able to accommodate art work or 3D objects making them ideal for use in model-making shops and in architects’ practises.

BenchVent portable filtration and extraction cabinets protect you and your employees from potentially harmful airborne contaminants given off when using a variety of essential art room products. Using a desktop spray cabinet to work in will result in higher productivity and less sick leave as well as lower employee turnover.

All BenchVent cabinets make sure you are fulfilling your obligation as an employer with regards to current CoSHH legislation and health and safety regulations.

By using BenchVent units you are providing at-source filtration of potentially harmful pollutants which is essential during employees’ general daily work processes.

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BenchVent BV660H-D
The BenchVent BV660H-D is our flagship hood mounted extract-to-atmosphere cabinet. It's been desi..
Ex Tax: £1,002.75
BenchVent BV555-D
The BenchVent eXaGon BV555-D is a rigid ABS plastic spray trap ideal for the model making environ..
Ex Tax: £187.50
BenchVent BV300S-D
The BenchVent BV300S-D, an A3 Extraction Unit for Aerosols, Airbrushes and more. This high qualit..
Ex Tax: £234.03
BV3010 - CITY M Office Air-Purifier
The CITY M  Indoor and Office Air Purifier is designed to filter particles of dust..
Ex Tax: £950.00
BenchVent BV200S
The BenchVent BV200S, an A2 glue booth to contain and filter for a cleaner, healthier working env..
Ex Tax: £410.00
BenchVent BV200H
The BV200H Hooded Spray Booth; an A2, hooded spraybooth to capture, contain and filter potentiall..
Ex Tax: £698.25
BenchVent BV100H
An A1 hood mounted filtration cabinet to capture, contain and filter within art, graphics, design..
Ex Tax: £960.75
BenchVent BV930H-D
The BenchVent BV930H-D, a large hood mounted extract-to-atmosphere cabinet. Allowing the user to ..
Ex Tax: £1,543.50
BenchVent BV660H-C
The BenchVent BV660H-C, a high quality hood mounted filtration cabinet with a high-efficiency car..
Ex Tax: £1,407.00
BenchVent BV930H-C
The BenchVent BV930H-C, a large dual-speed hood mounted filtration cabinet with high-efficiency c..
Ex Tax: £2,068.50
BenchVent BV200H-D
The BenchVent BV200H-D, an A2 hood mounted extraction cabinet. Designed to capture, filter and ex..
Ex Tax: £834.75
BenchVent BV100H-D
This A1 hood mounted extraction cabinet captures, filters and expels within art, graphics, design..
Ex Tax: £1,275.75
BenchVent BV300S
The BenchVent BV300S, an A3 glue booth complete with spray shield for art, graphics, hobbies, mod..
Ex Tax: £320.00
BenchVent BV555-R
The BenchVent BV555-R eXaGon is a rigid ABS plastic enclosure incorporating a particulate air fil..
Ex Tax: £166.66

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