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Browse our range of Solder Fume Extractors & Solder Fume Extraction Systems.

Long term exposure to soldering fumes generated during the electronic assembly process can cause health issues such as occupational asthma, long term carcinogenic diseases and other serious complaints. These can result in increased employee absences and long term sickness and ultimately it can lead to expensive compensation claims from employees.

Solder fume extractors from BenchVent are designed to remove the harmful solder fumes directly from the tip of the solder iron. Doing so prevents your electronic operatives from inhaling the hazardous substances associated with the burning.

BenchVent solder fume extraction systems for electronics manufacturing, and rework areas offer protection against harmful compounds found in solder fumes, conformal coatings and other fixatives used in the daily process.

On-Tip Solder Extractors & Solder Extractor Arms

With on-tip solder extractors you ensure that wherever the solder iron goes, fume extraction is consistently at the tip of the iron. Arm solder extractors offer a completely flexible, unobtrusive soldering extraction capabilities.

BenchVent are a leading UK manufacturer and retailer of solder fume extraction equipment, including on-tip solder extractors and stay-put arm solder extraction. For help and advice choosing a suitable product please contact our support team on 01423 790 039. 

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BenchVent BV930H-C
The BenchVent BV930H-C, a large dual-speed hood mounted filtration cabinet with high-efficiency c..
Ex Tax: £2,068.50
BenchVent BV200-A
The BV200-A is a single user filtration system for use primarily during hand soldering to contain..
Ex Tax: £415.79
BenchVent BV250-A
The BenchVent BV250-A Fume Filtration Arm Extraction Unit. Allows the user to capture, contain an..
Ex Tax: £521.05
BenchVent BV555-D
The BenchVent eXaGon BV555-D is a rigid ABS plastic spray trap ideal for the model making environ..
Ex Tax: £187.50
BenchVent BV-T1
The BenchVent BV-T1 is a high vacuum extraction unit which is small bore holes and tubes typicall..
Ex Tax: £333.07
BenchVent BV-FUMEC
The Fume Cube Single Arm 38mm Arm kit is a single user filtration system for use primarily during..
Ex Tax: £655.00
BenchVent BV650VLFE - Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet
Vertical Laminar Flow Workstation for School Science Laboratories  The BV650VLFE is our ..
Ex Tax: £995.00
BenchVent BV3011-C BenchVent ChemKleen
The BV3011-C ChemKleen Air Purifier is designed to filter chemicals from the whole room. Stan..
Ex Tax: £1,665.82
BenchVent BV660H-D
The BenchVent BV660H-D is our flagship hood mounted extract-to-atmosphere cabinet. It's been desi..
Ex Tax: £1,002.75
BenchVent BV200-DFE - Digital Fume Extractor
A dedicated control, monitoring and display system unique to Purex fume extractors. All functions..
Ex Tax: £1,805.00
BenchVent BV930H-D
The BenchVent BV930H-D, a large hood mounted extract-to-atmosphere cabinet. Allowing the user to ..
Ex Tax: £1,543.50
BenchVent BV660H-C
The BenchVent BV660H-C, a high quality hood mounted filtration cabinet with a high-efficiency car..
Ex Tax: £1,407.00

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