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Shop ventilated nail desks from and prevent inhalation of dangerous dust, chemicals and vapours during nail beauty services.   

Working as a nail technician exposes you to toxic chemicals that include acetone, formaldehyde, ethyl acetate, dibutyl phthalate or dangerous combinations of these chemicals. In the short term these can cause migraines, breathing difficulties and skin reactions, but over a prolonged period have been linked to more serious liver and respiratory illnesses.  

BenchVent ventilated nail desks are proven to extract the dangerous dust, odours and fumes associated with nail treatments. Trusted by nail technicians and salons worldwide, shop our range of nail desks with extraction products below.

For guidance on our ventilated nail tables, contact our helpful team today on 01423 790 039 or submit our contact form. We reply to all enquiries within 24-hours. 

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BenchVent BV3011-C BenchVent ChemKleen
The BV3011-C ChemKleen Air Purifier is designed to filter chemicals from the whole room. Stan..
Ex Tax: £1,665.82
BenchVent Pure 200
The Pure 200 Salon Fume Extraction System from BenchVent. If your salon does not have adequate ve..
Ex Tax: £420.00
BenchVent BV3000
The BV3000 Annan Ventilated Manicure Nail Desk combines a practicle manicure desk with highly eff..
Ex Tax: £699.00

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