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Portable Soldering Extraction Products for Schools

Shop School soldering fume extractors from BenchVent. Each of our products is built in the UK and tested by CLEAPSS whose advice and documentation is recognised by the Health and Safety Executive and the Department for Education in the United Kingdom.

Compact, portable and with zero installation, BenchVent solder fume extractors are ideal for School Technology Departments. 

Trusted by School's, Colleges and Universities throughout the world, BenchVent solder products benefit from high-grade fans and efficient filters to provide an unrivaled filtration and complete peace of mind.

Browse our range below or speak to the experts at BenchVent today on 01423 790 039 to discuss your School's solder fume ventilation requirements today. 

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BenchVent BV200-A
The BV200-A is a single user filtration system for use primarily during hand soldering to contain..
Ex Tax: £415.79
BenchVent BV250-A
The BenchVent BV250-A Fume Filtration Arm Extraction Unit. Allows the user to capture, contain an..
Ex Tax: £521.05
BenchVent BV-T1
The BenchVent BV-T1 is a high vacuum extraction unit which is small bore holes and tubes typicall..
Ex Tax: £333.07
BenchVent BV-FUMEC
The Fume Cube Single Arm 38mm Arm kit is a single user filtration system for use primarily during..
Ex Tax: £655.00
BenchVent BV660H-D
The BenchVent BV660H-D is our flagship hood mounted extract-to-atmosphere cabinet. It's been desi..
Ex Tax: £1,002.75
BenchVent BV930H-D
The BenchVent BV930H-D, a large hood mounted extract-to-atmosphere cabinet. Allowing the user to ..
Ex Tax: £1,543.50
BenchVent BV660H-C
The BenchVent BV660H-C, a high quality hood mounted filtration cabinet with a high-efficiency car..
Ex Tax: £1,407.00
BenchVent BV930H-C
The BenchVent BV930H-C, a large dual-speed hood mounted filtration cabinet with high-efficiency c..
Ex Tax: £2,068.50

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